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experience design consultancy

What we do

We help our clients clarify their purpose and create meaningful experiences around their products and services.

Organisational health

Diagnose the current patterns of behaviour and experience amongst the members of an organisation and its impact on the business; and adopt change towards a future desired state.

brand experience

Create a coherent and meaningful experience across multiple channels using the brand as a compass.

systems design

Plan and design for a fluid functioning of an ecosystem consisting of diverse stakeholders, and increase the value of the whole in the process.

organisational health

To clarify the purpose and aspirations of an organisation, we start by talking and listening to its people. Through these conversations, the inner experience of the organisation is shared and channeled towards creating a more purposeful and successful business.

Brand experience

We conduct ethnographic customer research to immerse ourselves in the mind of the customer. Through ideation and concept development we identify opportunities and map optimal routes of experience for the brand. Our brand strategy culminates in actionable design and strategic recommendations for tangible change.

Systems design

We use the power of design to transform ecosystems. Drawing on collective goals and strengths of the businesses and communities within an ecosystem; we consult and work with its members on new ways to achieve economic, social and environmental sustainability.

who we are

The world is filled with complex interactions, connections and relationships. We seek and hold a plurality of perspectives to envisage an inclusive, holistic picture. Nomadism is comprised of Dr Vanessa Ward, Sandy Oh and Dr Stella Humphries and together, we tap on over fifty years of skills and experience in business, design, strategy, science, research, ethnography, communication, facilitation, coaching to create future-focused, pragmatic and integrated solutions.

organisational health

We assess the health of an organisation through its people, and facilitate change when necessary to enable the organisation and its members to progress to their desired future state.


What is the relationship between the organisation’s vision and goals and its members?What are the challenges and opportunities facing the team members?How does the organisation’s structure impact the business?What improvements can be made, if any, for better organisational health?

tools & methods

Stakeholder interviews. Gathering of insights into culture & patterns of behaviour.

Workshops & scenario development Drawing on the wisdom of the crowd.

Mentoring & facilitation
Cultivation and building of trusting relationships with change agents throughout the organisation. Establishment of patterns to ensure continuity in the evolved organisation.

brand experiences

We help brands realise their potential through holistic experiences across all touch-points. Our strategic approach identifies how organisation goals, brand expression and customer mindset must integrate flawlessly to realise potential.


What is the strategic roadmap for the future?How is the brand, product or service expressed and experienced across all touch-points?What does a seamless customer experience look like?How should the brand enter new markets and connect with customers?

tools & methods

Ethnographic research
Immersion in the environment of the brand and the mindset of the customer across markets through primary and secondary research to unearth key insights.

Ideation & Opportunity identification Identification of the most abundant and strategic opportunities for the brand or product.

Concept development & Testing Mapping optimal routes of experience for the brand, consumer and organisation for symbiotically beneficial outcomes.

Brand strategy & Execution Actionable design and strategic recommendations for tangible change.

system design

We design to lift the value of an ecosystem by considering and enhancing the economic, social and environmental impact of its members.


What are the goals and impact - economic, social, environmental - of actions carried out by stakeholders in the ecosystem?What are the opportunities and barriers for sustainable growth?How to build a brand for a region to attract the desired engagement with visitors and residents?Who are the key change agents within the ecosystem to partner for a successful implementation?How can change be fully embedded in the system and maintained for the long term?

tools & methods

Research & workshops Immersion in the environment of the stakeholders through workshops and interviews to understand their perspectives and build trust.

Competitive analysis Assessment of the ecosystem's competitive advantage, its opportunities and challenges.

Business consulting Review of existing businesses and advice on how to lift their brand experience for a wider market.

Trend identification Identification of new business and cultural trends to shape strategic decisions.

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