Who we are

Just as nomads move across physical lands for sustenance, we move nimbly and creatively across fields to find the best paths for our clients.  Just as nomads live and work intimately with their territories, we immerse ourselves in our clients’ environments to gain deep insight. We strive for our clients to develop symbiotic relationships with the wider community and environment they operate in.


Design & Business

I believe in the power of design to solve problems and enrich experiences.This lifelong pursuit has taken me on a nomadic journey all over the world (Australia, Netherlands, UK, USA, Singapore, Japan) and given me a global perspective that shapes my work. My roles within the discipline have evolved along with the definition of design itself. This ongoing conversation began in craft and materiality and evolved into strategic design consultancy for businesses.  

My training as a designer began in the uncommon field of Gold and Silversmithing at Australian National University. For my PhD at Glasgow School of Art, I created a body of work and thesis on Architectonic Jewellery that explored the relationship between architecture and jewellery through the body. After a stint of teaching at Lasalle College of the Arts in Singapore and managing my own international jewellery label, I moved into corporate design and consulting work.

At Procter & Gamble in Singapore, I was the Senior Design Manager of SK-II, a luxury Japanese skincare brand. In this role, I led the renewal of the brand by delving into its rich Japanese heritage and weaving a contemporary story that was expressed across retail, advertising, packaging and service design. In creating the framework for retail design across fourteen markets, I applied relevant behavioural science findings to deepen customer engagement. The designs won 2 gold POPAI awards in Paris. For packaging, I established a collaboration with Taiwanese artist Po-Chih Huang, whose art on SK-II packaging grossed the highest sales of any limited edition in the brand’s history.  

I then moved to San Francisco to be the Senior Design Strategist at Fuseproject - an award-winning product & branding design firm. With each project, I conducted rigorous research, identified opportunities and made strategic recommendations to the C-suite and senior leadership on the future of their brand, product or service. I worked with a variety of clients: luxury (Movado, Hublot), retail & skincare (Bare Escentuals, Nivea), technology (Western Digital), entertainment (NBC Universal) and start-ups (Edyn & Food Computer).

As Co-Founder of Nomadism, I look forward to using my expansive design and strategy skills and experience to help clients create meaningful brand experiences. 



Business & Culture

A lifelong fascination in human behaviour as it manifests through the market and social collectives led me to the study of Politics, Philosophy and Economics at Oxford University. Subsequently I sought a career in financial markets where the interplay of people, companies and countries are driving forces. 

Over fifteen years on the trading floors of JP Morgan, HSBC, ING, Commerzbank, Jefferies, I advised and sold billions of fixed income and derivative products to institutional clients which included major sovereign wealth funds, asset managers and private banks in Asia. I was voted by clients as one of the top 5 salespersons in Asia (in ‘The Asset’) and the team I led was voted as the No.1 team in Singapore (in ‘The Greenwich Survey’).  What I enjoyed and excelled in was creating and building lasting relationships with clients and colleagues based on trust, openness and respect. 

Despite a rewarding corporate career, I am equally driven by the urge to create businesses of my own. During the first internet boom and bust, I co-founded an online services marketplace that was the first of its kind to use mobile and web to connect buyers and sellers.  The second business I started was a restaurant/bar with a performance space that served as a platform for emerging performers.  '15 Minutes’ - as the place was called, was based on Andy Warhol’s idea that everyone has a shot at fifteen minutes of fame. It became a hub for the creative community in Singapore. Whilst running this business, I completed my MBA at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

A period of mentorship evoked my interest in the practical and existential questions around how one chooses to live. I became Co-CEO of Terrific Mentors International - a mentoring, coaching and training company. In this capacity, I mentored and facilitated clients (business owners, senior executives and leaders in multinational corporations) in behavioural change and transformative transition to their desired outcomes. 

As Co-Founder of Nomadism, I offer a unique blend of experience and perspective in high-level organisational environments, start-ups and individual learning to guide a business and its people towards aligned purpose and a vitality of engagement that leads to success at all levels.



Culture & organisation

Having lived in multiple countries since I was young has awakened a curiosity in me to understand what connects and separates people, and what drives our behaviour. Concurrently, I have a deep connection and reverence for nature. This twin interest in human and natural systems form the bedrock of my work.
At the Australian National University, I produced a ground-breaking doctoral thesis on the influence of fluid dynamics on aquatic productivity. Working with the scientist community at Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO), I designed a national, federally-funded leadership course based on my principles of leadership. This programme received the Prime Minister’s commendation for Innovation in the Public Sector and was the flagship course for CSIRO.
Subsequently, I was a Visiting Scholar at MIT’s Sloan School of Management and the first Research Director at the Society for Organizational Learning, where I worked closely with Peter Senge on organisational consulting.  Examples of the work I did include: consulting to the World Bank to assess and restructure an executive program to introduce cultural change in lending practices; designing and facilitating experiential learning journeys in Australian and US organizations to support personal and cultural transformation. Based on my contribution, I was granted permanent residence in the USA on grounds of “exceptional ability”.
Using my cross-disciplinary approach, I undertook complex, large scale, inter-sectoral projects involving industry, government and grass roots society.  My strengths lie in my capacity to hold a systemic view, an unwavering conviction that win-win solutions are possible, and an intuitive gift for facilitating inter-personal communications in challenging situations. These strengths helped me to work with people from different interest groups to seek sustainable outcomes.
To help with individual development, I trained as a facilitator at Stanford Graduate School of Business, and as an executive coach at Coaches Training Institute and New Ventures West. I remain an active member of their facilitator community at Stanford. To add another dimension to my understanding of human consciousness, I studied eastern philosophy.
As a partner of Nomadism, I seek to help individuals and organizations discover their own wisdom: to understand the roots of their challenges, gain insight into their own patterns of behavior and make authentic choices that are aligned with their integrity.