What we do

The journeys we lead attract tribes, increase cohesion internally within the organisation, and externally with their followers. In an environment of heightened interconnectivity and flux, we move with our clients nimbly and flexibly across ideas and practices to ensure they adapt and thrive in new and existing areas. 


Brand experiences

We use design as a problem-solving, generative journey to map migration paths for brands and their experiences to points of vitality. Starting from the point of departure, we build continuity towards a transformative destination through empirical research, mapping out trajectories and scenarios to create strategic and design solutions.

Cultural Change

We believe that only by taking a holistic approach to the connectivity within an organisation can genuine change happen. As such, we assess organizational challenges through the perspectives of its people, design and strategy to facilitate positive change.


Our tools & processes

Brand expression & experience

Brand expression is designing how you want your brand to be perceived and experienced. We help brands express their unique personality and attract like-minded tribes. We create aspirational experiences that resonate with expectations and answer to the needs of the brands’ followers.





What drives customer and stakeholder behaviour?
By immersing ourselves in context to actively listen, observe and understand people’s perceptions and actions, we uncover uncommon insights.





Cultural Change

In the Nomadic Journey, we facilitate behavioural change in individuals & cultural change in organisations to their desired destination.