Movement across ideas to chart the most compelling path

Nomadism leads brands and organisations to new paths and territories for renewed vitality

A pluralistic approach

The world is filled with complex interactions, connections and relationships. We seek and hold a plurality of perspectives to envisage an inclusive, holistic picture. In solving any problem, we draw on our knowledge and expertise in various fields, including behavioural economics, design, natural systems and philosophy to create pragmatic applicable solutions.

What we do

We help clients define their destination and the path towards it. With a holistic approach, we solve problems through the perspectives of business, design and the organisation. 



Who we are

Nomadism is comprised of Dr Vanessa Ward, Sandy Oh and Dr Stella Humphries. Together, we tap on over fifty years of skills and experience in business, design, strategy, science, research, ethnography, communication, facilitation, coaching to arrive at future-focused solutions for our clients.


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